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Principality Premiership: First Phase
League Table: Principality Premiership
2018-2019 - Principality Premiership

1No changeMerthyr201604565335230813915281
2No changeCardiff Rugby201514612413199755311376
3No changePontypridd191504683338345954111273
4No changeEbbw Vale2014154263319550415366
5No changeLlandovery20131656236220072419366
6No changeNewport2012265014614062646361
7No changeAberavon1912254313755658535259
8No changeCarmarthen Quins21100114494113856486652
10DownRGC 14041890947338588664910551
11No changeCross Keys195113415600-18549817433
13No changeLlanelli205114372536-16450765229
15No changeBargoed RFC193016351644-29343823318
16No changeNeath181017282715-4333798233
Neath (-6) : Neath deducted 6 points for failing to play Bedwas & RGC.
Results & Fixtures: Principality Premiership
September 2018
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Aberavon24 - 10Swansea
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Bargoed RFC22 - 62Llandovery
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Bedwas23 - 33Pontypridd
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Cardiff Rugby18 - 24Merthyr
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Carmarthen Quins12 - 29Newport
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Cross Keys32 - 25Bridgend
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30Llanelli10 - 43Ebbw Vale
Sat 1st Sep 1814:30RGC 140437 - 19Neath
Fri 7th Sep 1819:10Ebbw Vale19 - 17Aberavon
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Carmarthen Quins41 - 28Cross Keys
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Llandovery20 - 3Cardiff Rugby
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Merthyr27 - 7Bedwas
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Neath7 - 10Bridgend
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Pontypridd43 - 0Llanelli
Sat 8th Sep 1814:30Swansea26 - 34RGC 1404
Sun 9th Sep 1814:30Newport44 - 30Bargoed RFC
Fri 14th Sep 1819:15Bridgend26 - 23Swansea
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30Aberavon25 - 19Pontypridd
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30Bargoed RFC14 - 19Carmarthen Quins
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30Bedwas30 - 52Llandovery
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30Cardiff Rugby29 - 27Newport
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30Cross Keys36 - 30Neath
Sat 15th Sep 1814:30RGC 140412 - 19Ebbw Vale
Sun 16th Sep 1814:30Llanelli7 - 26Merthyr
Fri 21st Sep 1819:10Pontypridd18 - 32RGC 1404
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Bargoed RFC20 - 13Cross Keys
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Carmarthen Quins19 - 13Cardiff Rugby
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Ebbw Vale17 - 16Bridgend
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Llandovery26 - 0Llanelli
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Merthyr14 - 22Aberavon
Sat 22nd Sep 1814:30Swansea25 - 12Neath
Sun 23rd Sep 1814:30Newport22 - 17Bedwas
Fri 28th Sep 1819:15RGC 140410 - 34Merthyr
Sat 29th Sep 1814:30Aberavon31 - 26Llandovery
Sat 29th Sep 1814:30Bedwas34 - 35Carmarthen Quins
Sat 29th Sep 1814:30Bridgend35 - 44Pontypridd
Sat 29th Sep 1814:30Cross Keys29 - 34Swansea
Sat 29th Sep 1814:30Neath17 - 25Ebbw Vale
Sat 29th Sep 1816:45Cardiff Rugby43 - 21Bargoed RFC
Sun 30th Sep 1814:30Llanelli30 - 17Newport
October 2018
Fri 5th Oct 1819:10Merthyr38 - 16Bridgend
Sat 6th Oct 1813:00Carmarthen Quins18 - 19Llanelli
Sat 6th Oct 1814:30Bargoed RFC26 - 28Bedwas
Sat 6th Oct 1814:30Cardiff Rugby36 - 35Cross Keys
Sat 6th Oct 1814:30Ebbw Vale28 - 14Swansea
Sat 6th Oct 1814:30Pontypridd76 - 38Neath
Sat 6th Oct 1817:15Llandovery24 - 32RGC 1404
Sun 7th Oct 1814:30Newport35 - 38Aberavon
Fri 12th Oct 1819:10Bedwas10 - 16Cardiff Rugby
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30Aberavon10 - 5Carmarthen Quins
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30Bargoed RFC27 - 10Llanelli
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30Bridgend25 - 20Llandovery
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30Neath6 - 34Merthyr
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30RGC 14048 - 15Newport
Sat 13th Oct 1814:30Swansea5 - 32Pontypridd
Sat 13th Oct 1817:10Ebbw Vale22 - 7Cross Keys
Fri 19th Oct 1819:10Llandovery30 - 3Neath
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Bargoed RFC38 - 18Aberavon
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Cardiff Rugby52 - 41Llanelli
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Carmarthen Quins35 - 22RGC 1404
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Cross Keys34 - 44Bedwas
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Merthyr35 - 24Swansea
Sat 20th Oct 1814:30Newport28 - 17Bridgend
Sat 20th Oct 1817:15Pontypridd24 - 19Ebbw Vale
Fri 26th Oct 1819:10Ebbw Vale0 - 20Merthyr
Sat 27th Oct 1813:30Carmarthen Quins44 - 6Bridgend
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30Aberavon12 - 39Cardiff Rugby
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30Llanelli23 - 28Bedwas
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30Neath17 - 20Newport
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30Pontypridd73 - 12Cross Keys
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30RGC 140440 - 7Bargoed RFC
Sat 27th Oct 1814:30Swansea10 - 23Llandovery
November 2018
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Bargoed RFCP - PBridgend
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Bedwas5 - 19Aberavon
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Cardiff Rugby25 - 19RGC 1404
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Carmarthen Quins41 - 14Neath
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Cross Keys5 - 5Llanelli
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Llandovery15 - 9Ebbw Vale
Fri 9th Nov 1819:15Merthyr20 - 14Pontypridd
Fri 9th Nov 1819:30Newport9 - 3Swansea
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Aberavon54 - 29Llanelli
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Bridgend0 - 36Cardiff Rugby
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Ebbw Vale20 - 27Newport
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Merthyr52 - 28Cross Keys
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Neath30 - 12Bargoed RFC
Fri 16th Nov 1819:15Swansea21 - 17Carmarthen Quins
Fri 16th Nov 1819:30Pontypridd18 - 16Llandovery
Sat 17th Nov 1811:00RGC 140443 - 12Bedwas
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:15Bridgend16 - 22Bedwas
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:15Cross Keys19 - 47Aberavon
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:15Neath17 - 59Cardiff Rugby
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:15Pontypridd43 - 25Newport
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:15Swansea50 - 7Bargoed RFC
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:30Ebbw Vale20 - 8Carmarthen Quins
Fri 23rd Nov 1819:30Merthyr34 - 24Llandovery
Sat 24th Nov 1813:00RGC 140439 - 19Llanelli
Fri 30th Nov 1819:10Cardiff Rugby24 - 5Swansea
December 2018
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Aberavon15 - 7RGC 1404
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Bargoed RFC21 - 35Ebbw Vale
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Carmarthen Quins13 - 16Pontypridd
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Cross Keys26 - 18Llandovery
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Llanelli35 - 3Bridgend
Sat 1st Dec 1814:30Merthyr28 - 30Newport
Fri 7th Dec 1819:10Merthyr30 - 5Carmarthen Quins
Fri 7th Dec 1819:30Neath12 - 69Llanelli
Sat 8th Dec 1814:30Bridgend16 - 13Aberavon
Sat 8th Dec 1814:30Ebbw Vale22 - 20Cardiff Rugby
Sat 8th Dec 1814:30Llandovery43 - 10Newport
Sat 8th Dec 1814:30Pontypridd51 - 14Bargoed RFC
Sat 8th Dec 1814:30Swansea30 - 10Bedwas
Sat 8th Dec 1817:15RGC 140433 - 13Cross Keys
Fri 14th Dec 1819:10Merthyr28 - 34Cardiff Rugby
Sat 15th Dec 1814:30BridgendP - PCross Keys
Sat 15th Dec 1814:30Ebbw Vale20 - 7Llanelli
Sat 15th Dec 1814:30Llandovery21 - 11Bargoed RFC
Sat 15th Dec 1814:30SwanseaP - PAberavon
Sat 15th Dec 1817:15Pontypridd54 - 17Bedwas
Sun 16th Dec 1814:30Newport22 - 15Carmarthen Quins
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Aberavon14 - 14Ebbw Vale
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Bargoed RFC23 - 33Newport
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Bedwas20 - 26Merthyr
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Bridgend78 - 5Neath
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Cardiff Rugby32 - 32Llandovery
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Cross Keys9 - 20Carmarthen Quins
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30Llanelli3 - 22Pontypridd
Sat 22nd Dec 1814:30RGC 140417 - 31Swansea
Wed 26th Dec 1814:30Aberavon36 - 17Neath
Wed 26th Dec 1814:30Bedwas17 - 38Ebbw Vale
Fri 28th Dec 1819:30Carmarthen Quins8 - 16Llandovery
Sat 29th Dec 1814:30Bargoed RFC17 - 38Merthyr
Sat 29th Dec 1814:30Cross Keys19 - 45Newport
Sat 29th Dec 1814:30RGC 140438 - 15Bridgend
Sat 29th Dec 1814:30Swansea38 - 10Llanelli
January 2019
Tue 1st Jan 1914:30Cardiff Rugby34 - 15Pontypridd
Fri 11th Jan 1919:10Ebbw Vale27 - 26RGC 1404
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Carmarthen Quins39 - 17Bargoed RFC
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Llandovery38 - 17Bedwas
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Merthyr26 - 20Llanelli
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Neath17 - 34Cross Keys
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30NewportP - PCardiff Rugby
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Newport32 - 38Cardiff Rugby
Sat 12th Jan 1914:30Swansea22 - 12Bridgend
Sat 12th Jan 1917:15Pontypridd43 - 7Aberavon
Fri 18th Jan 1919:10RGC 1404P - PPontypridd
Fri 18th Jan 1920:00Cardiff Rugby40 - 16Carmarthen Quins
Sat 19th Jan 1914:30Bedwas18 - 18Newport
Sat 19th Jan 1914:30Bridgend10 - 14Ebbw Vale
Sat 19th Jan 1914:30Cross Keys18 - 17Bargoed RFC
Sat 19th Jan 1914:30Llanelli17 - 25Llandovery
Sat 19th Jan 1914:30Neath21 - 48Swansea
Sat 19th Jan 1917:15Aberavon16 - 7Merthyr
February 2019
Sat 2nd Feb 1914:30Bargoed RFCP - PCardiff Rugby
Sat 2nd Feb 1914:30Carmarthen Quins27 - 13Bedwas
Sat 2nd Feb 1914:30LlandoveryP - PAberavon
Sat 2nd Feb 1914:30MerthyrP - PRGC 1404
Sat 2nd Feb 1914:30PontypriddP - PBridgend
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Aberavon13 - 13Newport
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Bedwas52 - 7Bargoed RFC
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Bridgend17 - 24Merthyr
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Cross Keys18 - 21Cardiff Rugby
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Llanelli18 - 12Carmarthen Quins
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Neath0 - 45Pontypridd
Fri 8th Feb 1919:15Swansea29 - 15Ebbw Vale
Sat 9th Feb 1913:00RGC 140424 - 31Llandovery
Fri 15th Feb 1919:10Pontypridd  v  Swansea
Fri 15th Feb 1919:15Cardiff Rugby  v  Bedwas
Sat 16th Feb 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Aberavon
Sat 16th Feb 1914:30Cross Keys  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 16th Feb 1914:30Llandovery  v  Bridgend
Sat 16th Feb 1914:30Llanelli  v  Bargoed RFC
Sat 16th Feb 1914:30Merthyr  v  Neath
Sun 17th Feb 1914:30Newport  v  RGC 1404
Thu 21st Feb 1920:00Swansea  v  Cross Keys
Fri 22nd Feb 1919:30Newport  v  Llanelli
Sat 23rd Feb 1912:00Bedwas  v  Neath
March 2019
Fri 1st Mar 1919:10Ebbw Vale  v  Pontypridd
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Aberavon  v  Bargoed RFC
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Bedwas  v  Cross Keys
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Bridgend  v  Newport
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Llanelli  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Neath  v  Llandovery
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 2nd Mar 1914:30Swansea  v  Merthyr
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Bargoed RFC  v  RGC 1404
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Bedwas  v  Llanelli
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Bridgend  v  Carmarthen Quins
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Cardiff Rugby  v  Aberavon
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Cross Keys  v  Pontypridd
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Llandovery  v  Swansea
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Merthyr  v  Ebbw Vale
Fri 8th Mar 1919:15Newport  v  Neath
Thu 14th Mar 1919:15Ebbw Vale  v  Llandovery
Fri 15th Mar 1919:30Neath  v  RGC 1404
Fri 15th Mar 1919:30Swansea  v  Newport
Sat 23rd Mar 1914:30Llanelli  v  Cross Keys
Sat 23rd Mar 1914:30Neath  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sun 24th Mar 1914:30Bridgend  v  Bargoed RFC
Sun 24th Mar 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sun 24th Mar 1919:10Pontypridd  v  Merthyr
Fri 29th Mar 1919:10Cardiff Rugby  v  Bridgend
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Bargoed RFC  v  Neath
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Bedwas  v  RGC 1404
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Swansea
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Cross Keys  v  Merthyr
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Llanelli  v  Aberavon
Sat 30th Mar 1914:30Newport  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 30th Mar 1917:15Llandovery  v  Pontypridd
April 2019
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Aberavon  v  Cross Keys
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Bargoed RFC  v  Swansea
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Bedwas  v  Bridgend
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Neath
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Llandovery  v  Merthyr
Sat 6th Apr 1914:30Llanelli  v  RGC 1404
Sun 7th Apr 1914:30Newport  v  Pontypridd
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Bridgend  v  Llanelli
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Bargoed RFC
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Llandovery  v  Cross Keys
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Neath  v  Bedwas
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Newport  v  Merthyr
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30RGC 1404  v  Aberavon
Sat 13th Apr 1914:30Swansea  v  Cardiff Rugby
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Bridgend  v  RGC 1404
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Bedwas
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Llandovery  v  Carmarthen Quins
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Llanelli  v  Swansea
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Merthyr  v  Bargoed RFC
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Newport  v  Cross Keys
Sat 20th Apr 1914:30Pontypridd  v  Cardiff Rugby
Mon 22nd Apr 1914:30Neath  v  Aberavon
Sat 27th Apr 1914:30Aberavon  v  Bedwas
Sat 27th Apr 1914:30Ebbw Vale  v  Neath
May 2019
Sat 4th May 1914:30Aberavon  v  Bridgend
Sat 4th May 1914:30Bargoed RFC  v  Pontypridd
Sat 4th May 1914:30Bedwas  v  Swansea
Sat 4th May 1914:30Cardiff Rugby  v  Ebbw Vale
Sat 4th May 1914:30Carmarthen Quins  v  Merthyr
Sat 4th May 1914:30Cross Keys  v  RGC 1404
Sat 4th May 1914:30Llanelli  v  Neath
Sat 4th May 1914:30Newport  v  Llandovery
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